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Manufacturing in a clean environment is a top priority for Irish Life Sciences. To ensure that capability, we have invested in Cleanroom manufacturing for a number of years, currently having two ISO Class 8 Cleanrooms, with plans in place to install a third Cleanroom over the next 12 months. This allows us to be confident that we can consistently meet our customers’ and our own expectations. Our facility has been producing laboratory consumables and medical devices since 2002 and in that time have produced over 100 million Deep well Storage plates and Assay plates in 24 well, 96 well and 384 well format.

We take great pride in our Cleanroom moulding and assembly capability which includes 53 highly automated injection moulding cells, ultrasonic welding and UV glue assembly equipment.

Our Cleanrooms are hard wall construction with positive pressure and Hepa filtration to ensure our manufacturing is carried out in the right environment to guarantee we supply products free of DNase/RNase and contamination. Air quality measurement is carried out frequently and full validation testing is carried out annually.

The Cleanrooms have production cells with robotic handling equipment producing our Deep well plates, reagent reservoirs and medical devices. Our Deep well storage plates are available as round well or square well and are produced in a medical grade polypropylene to provide you with the confidence that your sensitive analytical techniques are not compromised by extractible elements. The reagent reservoirs, reagent bottles and silicone 96 well seals complement our product range of 96 well plates. Our reagent bottles are available in both natural polypropylene and brown to reduce the effect of UV light.

All materials we use are tested on GC equipment by leading universities and compared to results from testing other leading manufacturers Deep well plates. We are confident that our 96 Deep well storage plates have lower levels of extractible elements than the majority of our competitors.

Our Quality Laboratory is equipped with all the metrology and test equipment required to maintain our high standard of product manufacture. Leading the way in our passion for quality is our Cleanroom manufacturing ‘Lean program’, headed up by Six Sigma trained staff focussing on the elimination of variance and waste. Quality standards on site are, ISO 13485 and Certificate of Foreign Medical Device Manufacture for the Japanese Market.

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