Irish Life Sciences are excited to announce the launch of their new 96 and 384 well microplate range.

The assay plates are manufactured using polystyrene and are available in the following formats:

Microplate Description Colour Variation
96 Well Solid Bottom Black/Clear/White
96 Well Glass Bottom Black/Clear/White
96 Well Polystyrene Base Black/Clear/White
384 Well Solid Bottom Black/Clear/White
384 Well Glass Bottom Black/Clear/White
384 Well Polystyrene Base Black/Clear/White


Whether your microplate reader is designed to read from the bottom or the top of the plate Irish Life Sciences have your labs requirements covered. The 96 well plate range have a volume of 350µL and the 384 well plate range offers a volume of 120µL.

All products are manufactured and assembled in ISO Class 8 Cleanroom in Ireland and designed to the standard ANSI/SLAS format. Irish Life Sciences will offer the microplates sterilsed and barcoded for tracking. Products will be available commercially from Q1 2023. In the meantime, please request a sample through the below link:


Request Your Microplate Sample



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